Randstad self service – A leader in providing employment service

randstad logoRandstad service has been a leader in its employment services in the market. It has over a dedicated list of clientele to whom it provides the staffing solutions. At Randstad self service, they understand the need of the client very minutely and this helps us to provide you with the best staffing solution. The approach is accountable and responsible as they dedicate their self completely in providing you with the best man power solution. Randstad have a team of expert professionals who screen the best talent pool for you.

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Why work with Randstad self services

After the screening process gets over at Randstad they have sessions where in it conducts behavioral interviews and skill assessment tests so that you get the best staffs. They believe in making a healthy relationship with you to fulfill your corporate needs. When we screen candidates for you we use the three step strategy: job fit, boss fit and company fit. After evaluating a candidate on all these three parameters we send him for final evaluation. Besides, self service randstad has been the leader in the temporary to the permanent agencies providing placements. We have a comprehensive list of services that ranges from providing temporary staffing to providing full employment. We work with an initiative to provide maximum productivity and flexibility in the work force. We have a good connection with our nationwide branches that allow us to remain informed about the various openings. We take all measures to know about our clients, the selection process of the candidate and the understanding we build with both the parties.

The services Randstad offers

At Randstad self services we have services that will cater all your temporary and permanent requirements. Our service ranges from staffing that includes office, industrial, recruitment outsourcing and temporary staffing. We also provide HR solutions payroll solutions, solutions related to the taxes and other issues such as insurance. We provide HR solutions for the cosmetics, retail and merchandising industry. At Randstad self services we have the provisions of hiring professionals in the form of supervisors, the project managers and the professionals. There are services for vendor management as well as diversity solutions. These can be in the fields of IT, finance or other HR field and senior management. We have facilities for in house solutions such as solutions for labor cost efficiency, operational flexibility and control that will allow the employer to scale his work force, Risk mitigation strategies that will provide solutions for cost and quality control. We are especially known for our corporate services where we help our clients in dealing with problems of controlling costs, increasing visibility and managing risks.

Why client prefers us for their services

We are preferred by our clients over the other agencies in the industry because of our hands strategies for employee engagement and management. We provide quality assurance and a promise for continuous improvements. We provide systemic strategies for your risk mitigation and reduction in total costs. We build strong relations with our clients and maintain a consolidated form of invoicing and reporting. At Randstad self services we believe in providing you with integrated solutions by engaging in a single point of contact.

Industries to which we offer our services

We provide integrated staffing solutions to many diverse industries that range from technology such as engineering, professionals such as physicians and finance and accounting.

We carry out extensive scrutiny of the talent pool that we plan to send to our clients so that we satisfy both the ends of the requirement. At Randstad self services we believe in a holistic approach of proving staffing solutions.

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