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nmciNMCI is one of the important system that can protect the computer generated environment that are required for the people who are related to the Navy and other government related fields. NMCI is the full form of Navy Marine Corps Intranet that helps to keep the navy personnel, government civilians , military and contractors into one particular environment and this environment is computer based. This system has ability to discard the other networks and save the important environment. Not only this system provides safety but also provide the utilities of assistive technology among its users. This system can permit them to get the information about navy environment and inform them about the current weak points. CAP is one of the important feature of this system that help the users to use the software applications. Through these applications, they can receive software data and much more important information. The NMCI help desk is one such convenient help desk that guides the users towards the safety areas. This help desk works with CAP office and provides the beneficial installation of applications to the users.

Login Details:

For technical issues, call the NMCI help desk at 1-866-843-6624.

Instructions for resetting your password if you are from an NMCI seat OR If you are a Navy user and cannot access the NMCI network can be found at: https://www.homeport.navy.mil/support/articles/apr-with-cac/.

The features of NMCI help desk

This particular helpdesk can offer the best functions to the users and help them to get the important facilities such as getting the integration issues. The support center of this help desk controls all the moves of this intranet corps. The NMCI helpdesk can take the command of the users and add new information or can change the data upon request. The command and activities can be installed in this helpful program very easily. This help desk can record the activity of each and every room and can delete the unnecessary software. This service offers a helpful command and perform all the duties properly related to security issues. This software is required for the computerized environment of today. The Navy services are demanding this software help desk to make their all operations that are related to computer network. This help desk has great ability to help the security procedures in this environment. The users can get a proper guide from this help desk to solve the problems quickly.

The working procedure of NMCI help desk

To get the service of the help desk of NMCI, you have to log on to your user name and to to the functions that are given by this responsible site. If you don’t have any user name, you can create one that is easy and fast. After creating your account, you can post your requirement and problems of the network to the authority. Then you have to make contracts with the technical authority for technical related problems. You can either call the NMCI help desk to get rid of the issues. First, you have to make sure about the responsible person whom you want to call. Then you have to set the password once again enjoy the best services.

The solution procedure of this NMCI help desk is really fruitful and has great value . The Navy personnel are utilizing this software to handle their network ultimately and easily. This help desk software is getting upgraded for its huge demand by the Navy personnel. The assistive technology and the function of CAP office is the most required functions that help the users to perform their duties properly. This software has become one of the most noted software for its duties to detect the security problems and save the network of the NMCI along with providing many safety securities to the government employees.

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