Telenor logoTelenor is the reputed company who is well acclaimed in the 11 markets in Asia, Europe and Pakistan. Their service is really commendable for providing the highest quality voice calls, content, data and a good communication services across these countries. It is the largest mobile cellular group servicing about 140 million customers with the efficiency. The Telenor web self service is an initiative taken to build up the customer relationship management as well as the employee relationship management. The relation is built up through the e-support. it helps to get the insight into the Telenor connection. Telenor intends to create new personalized services at the same time cutting down the burden of the calls. To meet this purpose an online customer portal is created.

For further details and login page go to: in case the site is Down for Maintenance try calling 03435554913

Benefits of the Telenor self service

  • The services of the Telenor, come with the numerous benefits. It provides the capacity to control the services for the mobile savvy generation.
  • The Telenor web selfservice has made a service page for the customers. To use this self service page the customer’s needs to register .By accessing the page the customers can order and pay the bills online. Here on this page the subscribers can find the detailed information regarding the phone number and the billing.
  • The web self service of the Telenor group helps to manage the call records and the call history for both the prepaid and the post paid customers.
  • They are in the regular research for offering their customers with the new tariffs. This enables them to boost up the customer satisfaction level


Telenor login page is helping to manage the call records by registering the mobile number and it also helps to use the account effectively. It opens a way to view the call history and the payment records.

To access the registration process a verification code on the mobile number are sent. Previously the service was provided to the prepaid customer. But now the post-paid customers are enjoying the web service also. The web self service in the post-paid customers are designed with some additional features. The process of login to the self service system passes through a very simple way.

It just requires inputting the mobile number and the wizard itself helps to complete the process. The account possesses some key features like the profile viewing facility, update address, value added services etc.. In addition, it also shows the call and messaging details, recharge history also.

All this information is beneficial for both the callers and the employees of the group. After logging in, the users can view their account profiles in the online platform. The most important benefits of this service are that the registration is offered without any subscription charges and there are no hidden charges also.

The users can check the account profile and the monthly call details. It makes them able to check the cash flow for using the mobile and thus save their money in a convenient way. The subscribers, who wants to keep an eye on all the recharge details and the billing details this is a handy option to them.

The Telenor web service is designed to reach a high customer satisfaction level .The success of the service is proved by the posts that are coming from the users of Telenor Web Self Service. It has constructed a platform between the subscribers and the company which ultimately helps to raise the number of the customers and also to achieve an outstanding outcome. This self service has taken the Telenor group a few steps ahead to have the success in the cut throat competition in the world of telecommunication.

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