UIUC logoEvery institution whether it is a professional or an educational, wants to run the entire management system in a well organized way. To acquire this kind of system, the contribution of the self service system is really commendable one. This automated self service system provides the advantages of immediate access of this electronic system to input the required changes and to have the control over the management. The quick and user friendly self service system helps to get in touch with the system at convenience. The University of the Illinois design a self service program in order to help the students to gain experience on Illinois. This UIUC self service program comprises of different training programs, counseling services, consultation service and the educational programming.

To login to University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), University of Illinois at Springfield (UIS) or University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (URBANA) follow this link


This self service system assists the students to shape up their experiences. Students can get the wide range of benefits by registering with this service.

• Using this self service the students can get the opportunity to check the students’ records and the required information for graduation.

• The UIUC self service assists the students to pay the bills also. It is very helpful to guide them in finding the useful financial aid.

• They can check the course catalog by accessing this self service. The information regarding the availability, the class description and the schedule of the classes can be taken via this self service.

This self service uses a web portal where the students can get the campus applications and the resources regarding the registration, campus news and the links of the specific colleges. The students are given the option to customize the web pages and choose the optional content.


This self service system is also created for the faculties and the staffs of the university also. This gives them the scopes to gain the information on employment. They can get the resources on the benefits, policies and also get to know about how many training opportunities they will have. It plays an important role to give the personal, professional assistance and guidance to all the faculties. The faculties or the staffs may be the retired, but the service will be the same for all. This secured self service for the university members of the Illinois is really beneficial.


It is suggested that before registering the students should select the registration eligibility option to move further in the entire procedure. Take the information about the eligibility of registering if any students are not eligible to access the service then the reasons will be given there. The curriculum, the academic standing of the students is asked to register.

The design of the self service system is created in the PDF format. Before logging into the self service the new users have to follow the steps as mentioned in the official websites of this particular service. Only then the UIUC students can get the user id and the user password to have the options of the future accessibility.

Many of the students and the faculties have taken the advantages by using the UIUC self service and they are gratified enjoying this specially featured service. The efficiency of this service comes with the fruitful, results. It helps to bridge the communication with the students in a direct way. The possibilities of having the wrong information are wiped out by this self service system. It was created with the aim of helping the students and the members of the university imparting extensive information regarding the university. This convenient self service has made the road more even for those who are related to the university and who intend to be a part of this esteemed institution.

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